e have a cutting-edge experience in Information Technology based services and a magnificent track record of delivering IT consultation and professional services worldwide. Our business experience is as strong as our technical expertise. We embrace diversity of thought and perspectives, and we believe that our inclusion has inevitably helped us constantly innovate and keep up with our competitive edge in the market.

We have developed a distinct proficiency in handling small, mid and large scale projects for our clients in different continents. This entails projects in The United Arab Emirates, The United States, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Scotland, Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. We believe that customer service is what builds trust with our clients and enables our business to grow even further while meeting the business needs.  As such, we look forward to bringing our expertise to our clients and serve their needs now and into the future. Despite the fact that we have first grown locally, we plan to stick to our mission and expand even further to the Middle East and Africa.

Key World Technology, established in 2015, and we are a professional in the IT and MIS Solutions. Recently, we are focusing on Cloud and security services and Solutions. So, we provide the following solutions: Cloud services, Google services, IBM Cloud services, Microsoft 365, Azure, and Security Solutions. In addition to the integrated solutions, as we are expert in this field, so, we can advice you with the best solutions that will achieve your needs within your budget.

CEO’ Message

What motivated us to establish Key World Technology is our faith in the importance and critical role that information technology services play in the business world.

It is our conviction that providing a service carries a deeper concept than the mere execution and commissioning of a project, but extends to the professionalism of such process and its link to the client’s objectives. Hence, the importance of client satisfaction and the building of bridges of trust and long-term confidence with the service provider are among our priorities. Critical and fundamental cornerstones to this are (without limitation,  integrity and credibility of the service provider, his/her professional standing, his/her availability and ability to respond to client demands in a timely manner. With the above in mind, we have decided to make a vigorous entry in this market both based on our faith in our intentions and on our legacy and experiences in this field from a technical and a service delivery standpoint.

We possess, as a team a solid track record of projects throughout Middle East and Africa in the field of information technology as well as information management. It is our intention to build on this legacy to provide Key World Technology with a rich platform to build upon towards the future. We look forward to a future of success in developing this market and providing the industry with a value-adding member for the long-term.

To become one of the best IT
services and MIS consultancy
in the Middle East and Africa
To deliver optimum services value to our clients while aligning with our commitments and corporate values
Using our wide experience and our
footprint in the Middle East and
Africa to realizing our clients’ needs

our milestones

Before 2015
Key World Technology (KWT) team has managed companies and provided solutions through other system integrators, and they have built a strong experience in this field.

June 2015
Key world Technology became a Google partner, provides Google Apps for business and cloud solutions.

July 2017
Key world Technology became an IBM business partner as Partner World company. Provides IBM soft-layer cloud solutions.
Starting May 2015
Key World Technology established and started providing their professional services to their clients. KWT is a hybrid provider of integrated solutions and consultancy services in Africa and the Middle East. We take pride to cater multi-sized businesses, integrate technological innovation into their operations and deliver the latest comprehensive IT-related services that would guarantee their operational efficiency in the short and the long term.
June 2016
Key world Technology became Dell partner, provides all Dell- EMC business solutions.

January 2019
Key World Technology became a silver partner for Microsoft and provides all Microsoft solutions, especially the cloud solutions and the related license.

Wael Fathy Allam

CEO Biography

Wael Fathy Allam is the founder and CEO of Key World Technology Inc., a hybrid provider of integrated solutions and IT consultancy services that provides multi-sized businesses in Africa and the Middle East with the latest IT related services. With more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Allam has held numerous positions across multiple geographies, helping clients of all sizes in the field of information technology and operational management.

A prominent thought leader, Allam has capitalized on his extensive experience in information technology to formulate his vision to enable the digital world help organizations simplify, renovate, and accelerate their business for success.Prior to the establishment of Key World Technology, Allam had been the Vice President of HF Giza Systems for Data and Communications Solutions. He led the MIS for HFGS group, helped develop and implement their IT strategic plan to enhance communication and collaboration among HFGS staff and management using the latest cost effective technological solutions across Africa and the Middle East.Also he was responsible for improving the business development for Data and communication solutions across Africa and he designed and managed successful projects across Africa himself in this possession.

 Allam had also served as an acting General Manager at HF Fire International Inc. He led the internal management while improving HF’s strategic plan and the internal processes. Likewise, he had a successful career in Omni Oil Technologies UAE, as he was responsible for the IT department worldwide (USA, UK, UAE, Malaysia and Egypt), in addition to other big names such as, LinkdotNET, while he was MIS manager for seven years as one of the creators of this big name and he is very proud that he was one of LINKdotNET creator team, in addition to Global brands while he was a service manager for servers and storage ( HP and Dell brands) and he also has incited and has started the network department and has built the main strategy of this new department that became a big name now , and more names as well.Allam’s unique blend of leadership, management and technical talent and skills are a rare find in the IT sector. His expertise ranges from organizational strategy and leadership to information system design, products execution and management.

Throughout his career, he has managed scale data warehouses for client’s companies, organized and lead business and technical teams, developed comprehensive schemes for maximum operational IT efficiency for clients’ companies.As an IT and Operations Management professional, he has constantly incorporated the best-of-breed technologies in the mostly efficient ways for many clients in The Middle East and the Sub Saharan African region. He has accordingly earned many certificates from the top technology companies plus the management and soft skills certificates, for example: Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell, McAfee, UTC, PMI among others.

Finally, his experience in MIS field plus his experience in the management field, gives him a unique style to manage and control any organization smoothly and improve the productivity of those organizations in a short period Currently, Allam and his team are working on transferring these experiences to Key World Technology’s customers, whether in the field of Management Information Systems ( MIS) or General Management, internal procedures and selecting the appropriate business applications and solutions according to the nature of each organization.