We can understand your requirements, attends to your needs, and provides you with the right solutions that streamline your information delivery and reduce your Total Cost of Ownership using cloud solutions. Using our footprint and our experience in the design plus our partnership agreements with the best cloud solution providers in this field, We design, configure and implement of the Cloud services, also we deliver customized cloud applications that match the nature of our clients’ business while enhancing their operations in an efficient manner. We maintain smooth communications for our clients and ensure their satisfaction on a timely basis. Now our clients would remotely store data, provide compute power, operating systems and even diagnose points of failure in a secure and reliable environment. And teamwork collaboration anytime from anywhere.This model of service is suitable for the clients who have a mobile user, multiple locations and limited IT resources and limited IT services administration team. Also suitable for whom need to save the investment of infrastructure and local data center as well.
We acknowledge the importance of Cloud services and how indispensable they are in today’s business dynamic environment, especially when it comes to Disaster Recovery, Availability, Reach ability, Security and Storage.we helping our clients leverage the full potential of the Cloud solutions, helping them achieve operational excellence, agility, and efficiency in seamless ways So, we are providing the following


Google Apps for Work

As we are a Google partner, we recommend G Suite to our customers as one of the best email solutions on the market right now for your business. G Suite is much more than just email, not to mention the other features that it comes with, such as Google Drive storage and tools such as Google Docs and Google Sheets.


Microsoft 365 for Business

An integrated solution, bringing together the best-in-class productivity of Microsoft 365 with advanced security and device management capabilities to help safeguard your business. plus, this is the best solution for the users that familiar with Microsoft applications and doesn't want to move to any other environment. The client will get the latest version of the Exchange e-Mail, MS office, operating system and MS One drive for storage.


Public & Private Cloud Services

We provide our customers with the most secure cloud services, either or private and public, to host their business applications and services, using our partnership with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM


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SLA Agreements

We are fully skilled to support HP, Dell and Lenovo. Our service center is equipped with the latest hardware, communications and software technology. Key World Technology offers the following services

Annual Maintenance Contracts

A comprehensive, cost effective that keeps your infrastructure reliable and available to meet your specific business’s challenges and ongoing support needs all through a single point of contact. We provide the following types of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)for our customers

– 24 X 7 6 hours call to fix
08 X 5 6 hours call to fix
– 24 X 7 4 hours response
– 08 X 5 4 hours response
– 08 X 5 next business day response

Outsourcing Services Agreement

• Preventive Maintenance Visit
To maintain the equipment and facilities in satisfactory operating conditions for keeping the status of the equipment in baseline (normal status). We provide systematic inspection, detection, and correction of simple failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects. 
• Corrective Maintenance Visit
This includes any maintenance activity that is required to correct a failure that has occurred or is in the process of occurring. This activity may consist of repair, restoration or replacement of components

Remote Support Services

• Supporting by phone
We supporting and helping our clients through phone calls to troubleshoot simple problems that don’t need on-site troubleshooting or scaling faced problems.
• Remote Access Support
We provide secure access to networks from remote locations other than the normal place of work. Generally, this will be from locations outside the customer’s site through wide area network (WAN), to provide support in solving problems in a secure way.

Hardware Replacement Services Agreement

On-site temporary hardware replacement service for the defective equipment to prevent the risk of the downtime. The product will be repaired and replaced.Repairing its defective components or replacing its defective components .

Incidents Agreement Contract

We provide this type of service that provides a wide variety of custom, packaged and cost-effective hardware support options to help meet your business requirements and give your IT staff time to focus on more strategic projects.

Consultancy Services Agreement

We provide consultancy services to help our customers determine a strategy most suitable to their industry and business environment. and design suitable hardware needed based on the business need and the cost of ownership.


Types of Outsourcing Services Level Agreements

Key World Technology offers the following services

An agreed visits

An agreed number of Weekly / Monthly visits


Per call visits

Per call visits, same as maintenance contract options as the following

– 24 X 7 6 hours call to fix
08 X 5 6 hours call to fix
– 24 X 7 4 hours response
– 08 X 5 4 hours response
– 08 X 5 next business day response
– Remote access response

Network Services

We offer our customers a range of advanced and elite services that are designed to construct and achieve their goals and expectations. We customize and tailor service delivery to fit customers’ business needs; from building the network infrastructure, providing a range of security, Voice and Enterprise computing services, to providing a range of current network services such as network assessment.Key World Technology is already familiar with dependent technologies, enabling these to become part of the ‘IT factory’ and freeing up the IT department to be the conduit between business requirements and technology deployment.Focusing on the business needs of our customers rather than the restrictions of previous Technology Towers enables us to transform how IT is delivered.Our professionals and project management teams will help you determine where you are, where you want to be, and how you can get there. They’ll then work with you to achieve your goals from strategy to procurement and deployment.

Platform and Network Solutions

Our design services specify the new network infrastructure according to our best practices to address your requirements in terms of scalability, resiliency, load balancing and security. The migration to the new architecture is carefully planned and executed; thanks to advanced migration tools and methodologies. Seamless operationalization of the new Data Center is ensured through the deployment of the right scripts, portals and plugins to streamline operations and make sure the right KPI such as performance statistics, network and virtual machine consumption are available for an efficient monitoring. Smooth knowledge is transferred to your operational teams through advanced training and on-site engineer services.Making the Data Center network as dynamic and consumable as computer infrastructure through automated instantiation of network services Eliminating cumbersome configuration-driven processes for Data Center networking that are today’s norm. Separating and simplifying the definition of network service requirements and policies from the manner in which network services are established.
Seamless connectivity across any Data Center network infrastructure (Layer 2 through Layer 4) incorporating both virtualized and non-virtualized computing environments Scaling to meet the demands of thousands of tenants with unique application requirements, distinct security policies, and committed service levels

o Copper Cat 6 & Cat6A (10Gbs)
o Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic, point to point and GPON of passive optical networks
o Intelligent Patching, racks and all of the other passive network components

o Full range of Wired & Wireless Multi-Tier LAN solutions

o Traditional/Hybrid PBX
o IP Telephony
o Unified Communications & Mobility
o Contact Centers (Call Centers)
o Recording solutions

o Full range of routing solutions for the Enterprise
o WAN Acceleration.
o WAN Optimizer
o Load Balance

o Full range of analog or IP Cameras & accessories
o Recording & Video Intelligence Software
o Control & Monitoring room

o Firewall and UTM appliances
o Secure Gateways
o Web filtering
o VPN solutions
o Network Access Control

o We provide a full range and all-in-one Smart
Monitoring Solution with a cloud-based application
while this is a special new technology.
We have a professional team implemented
these solutions for our customers